George Strombo likes E2GM!

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Escape to Gold Mountain made radio and TV personality George Stroumboulopoulos’s roundup of good reads!  Please visit his link here, and check out his selection of other fabulous books!

September 3, 2012

Well, summer’s almost done. For students, it’s time to get back into the classroom and hit the books. But as important as it is to keep up with your reading for class, there’s always room for another book or two in everyone’s life.

Here’s a roundup of some good reads, with a good mix of education and entertainment, to take the edge off the back-to-school blues.

‘Escape To Gold Mountain’
by David H.T. Wong

The story of Chinese immigration to Canada and the United States has never been told like this. ‘Escape To Gold Mountain’ is an illustrated novel – the publisher says it’s “the first graphic novel to tell their story” – focuses on the Wong family’s challenges and triumphs as they try to find “Gold Mountain,” the Chinese colloquialism for North America. It shines a light on the immigrant experience and the often difficult history of Chinese immigration to this country and the States, while telling an engaging visual story. It’s coming out in early October.

Win one of 15 copies of E2GM!

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Book Giveaway For Escape to Gold Mountain: A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America

Thanks to publisher Arsenal Pulp Press, 45th Parallel Communications, and Goodreads, our first E2GM book giveaway effort!

Please enter to win at ! Hurry… contest ends on October 15, 2012. Good luck!

Chief Len George likes E2GM!

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Highly respected First Nations (Native American) leader Leonard George of the Tsleil-Waututh (Coast Salish Nation) pens a review for Escape to Gold Mountain!

Chief Len George writes:

“The First Nations people have a great oral tradition, and David H.T. Wong’s comic book is a wonderful way to continue that tradition, along with his illustrations. This is a book for new and future generations that will create pride in the rich cultures we share.”
— Chief Leonard George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation

the Iron Chink

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“The Iron Chink” was the original title of our graphic novel.  However, a month before the graphic novel went out to the printing press, the title was changed.

In spring of 2012, a controversial issue occurred in the media – in reference to a sports figure incident …a media outlet had used the headline “A Chink in the Armor”. This resulted in an unfortunate reaction which led to our original title being changed.

The real Iron Chink was the name given to a mechanized 1900s salmon gutting and cutting machine. The name reflected the racist attitudes of the time, whereupon the Chinese cannery workers were laid off and replaced by this mechanized fish butchering machine.

Vancouver International Writers Festival 2012

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Hear David Wong and children’s book author, Sarah Tsiang speak at the Vancouver International Writers Festival!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 – 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Improv Centre, Granville Island
Vancouver, BC
$17 / $8.50 for student groups

Ancient and modern history come together this afternoon with two Canadian authors who mine their heritage to show life as it was for Chinese people—in ancient China and not-so-ancient Canada. Sarah Tsiang matches humorous illustrations with thoughtful words to present a panoply of jobs people held in the time of the emperors, from professional wailer to silk maker. David H.T. Wong uses an approachable graphic novel format to tell the story of Chinese newcomers to Canada searching for “Gold Mountain,” an adopted homeland that was often inhospitable. These are important stories to hear, no matter what your background.

Suitable for grades 4–7
View the study guide for this event.

For more information:

Please also visit: Sarah Tsiang’s Blog

Thank you CHRP and Ming Sun Benevolent Society

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Growing up on the west coast, in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, I saw myself always getting into trouble. As I grew up in this inner city neighbourhood, it was no fun seeing friends end up in street gangs, some going to jail and worse, friends dying.

The elders in my family tried their best to keep me out of trouble. I was lucky that I had an Auntie who had a large box of comics. That became my favourite daily activity — reading comics. It was also the desire to become a cartoonist that kept me at home — drawing all sorts of stuff, and thus, keeping me out of trouble.

The thought for the creation of this graphic novel occurred many years ago — myself, as a frustrated wanna-be cartoonist, I had always wanted to create a comic book.

The opportunity came in 2009, when our Canadian government (as a recognition to redress the historic injustice of Chinese head tax and exclusion) made available, small grants to support community projects that explored the history of the Chinese in Canada. The program was called the Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP).

Vancouver’s Ming Sun Benevolent Society, one of Canada’s oldest Chinese Canadian organizations was interested in sharing their story, so together, the Ming Sun and I applied for some seed funding, and Escape to Gold Mountain is the result.

Thank you CHRP and Ming Sun for supporting this effort. It’s been a wild and sleepless ride, but I think it was worth it!

David Wong,