Escape to Gold Mountain

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The introductory section has

  • an historic travel map
  • a timeline
  • intros by three respected Asian-North American scholars: Bettie Luke, Professor Imogene L. Lim, and Dr Connie C. So. Each person presents her own experiences and thoughts – perspectives from a multi-generational American, a multi-generational Canadian, and a mixed multi-generational North American + recent immigrant roots!

A reference, information, and notes section assist readers with additional information, background, and research –with web links to historic reference material (e.g. transcripts of the 1882 US Chinese Exclusion Act, the 1923 Chinese Immigration Act (Canada), Head Tax apology, and the infamous Iron Chink mechanized fish butcher machine)

Published by Arsenal Pulp Press. ISBN 9781551524764

©2012.  Images may not be copied or reproduced without written permission

©2012. Images may not be copied or reproduced without written permission

Introductions by Imogene L. Lim, Bettie Luke, and Connie C. So
Historic Timeline Travel Map Prologue

chapter one: the Iron Chink
chapter two: China, the Sick Man of Asia
chapter three: Escape to Gold Mountain
chapter four: Crocker’s Iron Road
chapter five: Hello, Mei Gok (America)
chapter six: Storm Clouds of Hatred
chapter seven: The Chinese must Go!
chapter eight: Kingdom of Tan Heung San
chapter nine: Nation Building
chapter ten: A Chinaman’s Chance
chapter eleven: Profiting from Racism
chapter twelve: Pai Hua (Expelling the Chinese)
chapter thirteen: Cooks & Revolutionaries
chapter fourteen: Birthing Paper Sons
chapter fifteen: the Next GenerAsian
chapter sixteen: Saving for the Head Tax
chapter seventeen: An Arranged Marriage
chapter eighteen: Earning Dignity & Respect
chapter nineteen: Blossoming Influence
chapter twenty: Angels Watching Over
chapter twenty one: Old Foes, New Relations
chapter twenty two: Doe Heem (Apology)


Notes and References The Iron Chink (historical background)